Human Skull, Remains Found in North Tulsa

Crime Scene Investigators and homicide detectives were at the scene were a skull was discovered earlier this week.

Tulsa Police were notified of the discovery late Monday evening in the area of 2300 East 31st Street North. It was there that the skull was found in a yard.

According to the release, the skull belongs to a human and was possibly moved to the location by coyotes from the woods nearby.

"The skull had obvious signs of trauma," the release went on to state. "[Police] are confident that the skull will be identified and believe that it belongs to a missing Tulsan."

Officials with the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office will now attempt to identify the skull and determine a cause of death.

Investigators and homicide detectives took the Tulsa Police rookie class to the area in an effort to find more of the remains. Detectives have enough to identify the remains, however they want to find the rest to bring closure to the family.

Investigators have since located more remains in the area of where the skull was found. This is a developing story and information will be updated as it is verified.