Memorial Day Weekend: Storms Possible

Our two major computer models that meteorologists use to forecast the weather are at odds. Now, this isn't too uncommon, but it can prove difficult, especially when you have a major holiday weekend upcoming. One computer model indicates that most of the Memorial Day weekend will be dry, however, the other model indicates that most areas will be a little wet.

So, which one does the meteorologist go with? Well, several things one has to consider. First, climatology. It's the wet season and we should be seeing storms in our area this time of year. And, it's Memorial Day weekend. Historically, we have seen some major flooding events during that time.

However, we are in a drought. And, that tends to really negate any of the positives about getting rain into our area. Right now, I'm taking the 30% chance route. Enough of a chance to show that it could be wet this weekend, but we will have to get closer to the date to be able to predict with much more certainty.