Memorial Set-Up to Remember Elijah Rivers

A neighborhood is coming together to remember the life of Elijah Rivers. The 7-year-old was hit by a car yesterday morning on his way to school. The memorial was started on Myron Washington's fence.

"I was the first one on the scene to help him. To try and be there for him. To see if he was responsive or not. He was responsive. So, I was the last one to see him alive," says Myron Washington.
Washington says he sees hundreds of kids make this same walk to school and all he could imagine yesterday was that being his child hit. Elijah's parents came to the memorial today to leave behind some items that reminded them of him and cannot believe someone they hadn't met until yesterday would put up a memorial on his fence.
"The first time I ever met him was when he went and checked on my son laying in the middle of the street," says Kesha Rivers.
"I didn't know him. Now, I call them my best friends," says Tshaka Rivers.
The memorial is now a place for family and friends to remember all the good times they had with Elijah. His parents say he was a child that would always put a small on your face. They also say he loved sports. He was the quarterback for his football team and loved basketball.
Washington hopes to have his entire fence covered and he is hoping people will learn something from this tragedy.
"We know that when children get away from their parents, they don't do exactly what they are suppose to do. They don't stay out of the street. They cross at the wrong crossing. So, please lets be responsible adults and be responsible drivers and be aware of our surroundings," says Washington.
There has been a fund set up in Elijah's name at the Gilcrease Arvest Bank at 2500 West Edison Street.