Police Apprehend Men After 12 Hour Standoff in Claremore

Two men are behind bars, today, after a standoff that started on Monday afternoon and ended early Tuesday morning.

Investigators say they found two men, two women, a stolen car and a meth lab around 1 p.m. Monday afternoon. Officers arrested the two women, but the men reportedly ran away.

Later authorities reportedly found the men holed up and hiding at Claremore's Elm Motel, off highway 66.

Officers said the men were hiding in the attic, refusing to come out. Tulsa's Special Operations Team was called in to assist.

The team was just about to amp up their tactics to get the men out, when they voluntarily came out of the motel room.

Both men were heavily puffing cigarettes as they crawled to the officers, as they were commanded.

The two men were taken into custody and face multiple charges.