Mental Health Issues Surface in Shooting and Children

In the wake of the Newtown Connecticut shooting, the shooter, 20-year old Adam Lanza is known to have had a personality disorder, which has brought questions of mental health into the spotlight.

Now, parents may question the signs of mental issues and mental health.

Experts say now is the time to sit down and talk to your children to find out if they have depression, thoughts or feelings you have not seen.

Mental health experts say most people experience some kind of mental struggle, at least once, whether it is anxiety or depression or more. And mental health issues have been linked to violence.

Problems can be seen with infants, depressed from lack of care. But in your children, experts say watch for depression or isolation, that develops in a pattern.

If something becomes an issue that you cannot resolve, it could be a sign of a deeper illness.

If you can't tell if your child is acting normally, ask someone else, close enough to know the difference.

"Teachers can certainly know there students over time and what they are normally like in classroom compared to when they are having a bad day, so kind of what is normal is dependent on each child and their disposition," said Christine Marsh, of Family and Children Services.

Parents if you parents don't want to talk to you about their issues, find someone you can trust that will be there to listen. And if you think your child needs an assessment, Family and Children Services will provide those, on a sliding scale.