Messages from Moore: Homeowners Speak Out With Signs

Following the tornado in Moore, many homeowners in the most devastated areas are taking to spray-painting or posting signs to speak out in the community.

Some of the signs include powerful, serious messages of survival. However, many contain some humor in light of a serious situation.

"You cry, but you laugh as well," said homeowner Shantel Young.

She saw her neighbor's son spray-paint a face on the side of their house, after his mother asked him to write "thank you" on the front, in appreciation of the outpouring of support. Smiling, Young recalled how the son, 20, turned to her and said, "wanted to do that since I was four." Young joked that if she posted a message it would advertise a house rental to let people experience a zombie apocalypse.

Young's neighbors down the road posted a sign saying, "We will be back," encouraging other neighbors to rebuild in that area. They agreed that it is important to try to laugh during this time, showing Channel 8 a picture of the film "Armageddon" they found in the rubble.

Other messages have popped up in the neighborhoods near Plaza Towers. Some are religious messages, thanking God for helping the homeowners survive. Other signs contained messages of survival, saying the occupants are okay. One sign read, "Took our home- not our heart," showing strength.

One claims adjustor walking among the houses commented on the painted messages thanking people that have helped in the tornado's aftermath.

"There's signs on the houses, you know, and where they're thanking people," Denise Carroll said. "They're thanking the volunteers and especially, search and rescue. You know, everybody that's come in, and you see all the people pulling together. It's just unbelievable."

There are also several signs to make people smile. Channel 8 drove past one that said the house was for sale "As Is + New Floor Plan."

"I think it's just those different personalities coming out strong," said Young.