Electronic Waste Trailer Stolen From Metropolitan Environmental Trust

The Metropolitan Environmental Trust has announced it is not accepting any electronic waste because their collection trailer was stolen.

The company reported the trailer stolen Tuesday from their 34th and Sheridan recycling center.

For the next few weeks, the M.e.T. will not be able to recycle materials such as cameras, computer batteries, computer monitors, computer towers, copiers/scanners, fax machines, keyboards/mouse, laptops, microwaves, phones, printers, power cords, small appliances, UPS systems, and VCRs/DVD players. This service is extremely important for the citizens of Tulsa because electronic waste is a becoming an environmental issue.

The M.e.t. will work diligently to replace this trailer within the new few weeks. "Our hope is to spread the word of this theft," explains the M.e.t.'s Executive Director, Michael Patton. "It would be great if our customers could keep an eye out for this trailer."

Anyone with information is urged to call Tulsa Police at (918) 596-COPS, or the M.e.T. at (918) 584-0584