Michigan Man Arrested for Reportedly Groping Mother at Tulsa Park

Nathan Weiss

A Michigan man was taken to the Tulsa County Jail this weekend after reportedly groping a woman at a local park.

Tulsa Police arrested Nathan Weiss Sunday evening on one complaint of sexual battery. He was taken into custody at Springdale Park in north Tulsa.

According to his booking report, Weiss reportedly followed a woman at the park to her vehicle. She was with her seven-month-old baby at the time.

Officers stated that Weiss grabbed her breasts as she was attempting to place the baby in the car seat. She pushed him away and told him "no."

"[Weiss] continued to fondle the victim's breasts and reached down and attempted to touch her crotch."

According to the booking report, when the woman told Weiss she was going to call police, he ran off. He was caught by officers on the opposite end of the park.

Weiss reportedly admitted to police he had committed the same crime in Detroit. He was being held on $2,000 bond.