Midtown Crime and Vandalism Strikes Residents

While you are in the mood for giving, crooks are in the mood for taking. Several midtown residents know it's true after someone recently vandalized several cars and took off with holiday decorations.

Now, residents are trying to hold on to their joy and peace.

Near 26th and Birmingham, the homeowners are concerned about their decorations, so they have locked a decorative soldier boy, with a chain and a lock. It may sound drastic, but considering recent thefts, it may have been the smartest thing to do.

Nearby, one of their neighbors had $500 in decorations stolen. Near 38th and Atlanta, another resident had nearly $1200 stolen.

The outbreak of mayhem isn't just about the flash of color and decorations. Near 21st and Harvard, in the Florence Park neighborhood, vandals broke out car windows and that happened in the early morning hours.

But the yard decor, has been happening in the daylight hours. Its enough to make you put more than a soldier under lock and key.

"I think it was a little spike here and I think you know what it is going to do is help people remember to arm their homes, lock doors and watch for everyone else, become a good a neighbor, said Kathryn Lyons who heads up the Midtown Alert Neighborhood group.

She says the spike has convinced her to stick to lights only for decorations. She and police encourage others to keep their property safe, by keeping cars in the garage, or as inaccessible as possible. They also say safeguard your pet doors as well as points of entry.