Midtown Neighbors Stop Convicted Felon During Burglary Attempt

William Moss

Residents of a midtown Tulsa neighborhood took matters into their own hands Tuesday morning stopping an attempted burglar.

Police arrested William Moss for second degree burglary and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He located and apprehended by residents of a neighborhood in the area near 11th and Urbana.

An officer with the Tulsa Police Department stated that Moss had been looking into car windows in the neighborhood. He was seen walking around with a screw driver and items stolen from previous burglaries, according to the report.

Moss proceeded to leave the scene on his scooter when he was approached by the residents. He also reportedly steered into and struck two of the residents.

"I checked the compartment under the seat of the suspect's moped and recovered loot from the victim's vehicle," the report describes. "The owner stated that [Moss] did not have permission to enter his vehicle or take his property."

During their search, officers recovered a large fixed blade knife and other tools used in burglaries, according to the report. Drugs, an airsoft pistol and stolen IDs also were found with Moss.

Records with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections state that Moss is a convicted felon. He was previously incarcerated for multiple burglary incidents.