Millions Of Americans Are Wasting Vacation Days

Withthe holidays coming, we're all looking forward to having a littletime-off.

Butwould you believe that millions of Americans, don't use all theirvacation time?

Anew Harris poll, done for, shows the average workerleaves 2-days on the table every year.

Plusthis year the typical works only gets 12 days off, compared to 14 in2011.

Anexpert on human resources says that's a terrible waste for workersand their employers.

SarahGavin of Expedia,com, says those who use their time off, are betteremployees who are happier at work and have improved creativity.

Buttheir survey shows the most common excuse for wasting vacation is notenough time and money.

Shesays workers would be better off just taking some time at home,because the work always gets done.

Ifmoney is the concern, Gavin says there are great vacation dealsaround Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Whileeveryone is visiting grandma's house, big city hotels, sit almostempty.

Youcan get a 4-star hotel for a 2 -tar price on the weekends either sideof Thanksgiving.

That'sa 30 to 40% savings.

Soa low cost driving vacation, to Dallas or Kansas City, might be agood deal for you and your employer.