Miss Oklahoma Inspires Union Students

Miss Oklahoma has returned to Union High School to speak to the students.

Kelsey Griswold attended Union Schools from kindergarten until graduating high school in 2010.

She went back Tuesday to talk to the students at the 6th and 7th grade center.

Griswold advocates artistic expression and development for children with special needs.

She says she feels a connection to these students and wants to tell them that they all have potential.

"I feel like i have something to say to them," Griswold says. "I feel like I have a way to relate to them. I have something that I hope I can hopefully connect with them, and because this is the place that basically turned my life around and made my dreams come true, I want to be a part of that with them."

"I want them to know that whatever they dream can come true," Griswold says. "With what I talked about, completing your education, giving yourself to community, loving other people as well as yourself, keeping your body healthy; all of those things are incorporating when your dream comes true. Those are a huge part of that step, and so is that journey for you, so I want them to know that all of that is possible and whatever they dream is possible," Griswold says.

She also volunteers with Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

She will visit Union's Boevers Elementary School Thursday for the Red Ribbon Drug Awareness assembly.