Missing 2-Year-Old, Father Found by Fisherman

A grandfather, fishing in a pond with his grandsons between Sperry and Skiatook, recognized the black Chevrolet Tahoe from the Amber Alerts parked in a nearby field and called police, leading to William Taylor's arrest and Jason Taylor's reunion with his mother.

Parked in a field near Bird Creek, asleep in his SUV, the 28-year-old was found with his son Jason, who went missing Tuesday night.

Locals KTUL spoke with were shocked that the missing boy was so close. "It's kind of scary, really, to think that somebody could hide out in this town and nobody know it," said Sperry resident, April Skinner. "I am not a mother, myself, but I can only imagine what that would feel like, if someone took my child."

Officials say, the man who spotted that Chevy Tahoe called police and waited, watching the SUV, until authorities got to the scene. That is when they broke out a window and took the child, arresting William Taylor.

"[A] citizen just going fishing, 5:00 in the morning, said 'Oh, hey, there's that vehicle I saw on the media.' Sure enough, calls police and that's what it is," said Sgt. John Adams with Tulsa Police.

Taylor was booked into the Tulsa County Jail Thursday morning around 6:00.

In addition to kidnapping, Taylor, 28, violated a protective order that was put in place to keep him away from Julia Burdick and the couple's two children.

Local residents like Skinner, give much of the credit to the success of the Amber Alert system. "Amber Alert is one of the best things they could have ever come up with," she said.

Police say the boy is now safe at home with his mother.