Missing Canadian, Presumed Dead, Found Alive In OK

Courtesy: Mesha Sanchez, TRA Photography

A mystery, 37 years in the making, is now solved.

A man presumed dead in Canada since the 1970s is found alive in Oklahoma.

Ronald Stan disappeared from Ontario without a trace after a barn fire in 1977.

He was 32 at the time.

In 1986, almost nine years after his disappearance, Stan was declared deceased by the courts.

But, he's actually been living in Tahlequah all these years under an assumed named, Jeff Walton.

Acting on a tip, marshals for the Cherokee Nation found Stan at an assisted living home.

They say, he was not in good health at the time.

Now, we're told, he's no longer in that home and might be living out of state with relatives.

No motive has ever been offered for Stan's disappearance.

He's not charged with any crimes.

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