OU Suspends Mixon For Entire Season

The University of Oklahoma has decided to suspend freshman running back Joe Mixon for the entire season. The University released a statement, saying "As the university has demonstrated in the past, we are committed to winning the right way. As an example to others, OU sets the highest possible standards for its student athletes, coaches and staff."

As part of the suspension, Mixon will be excluded from all team activities, including being removed from the team roster. With appropriate conditions, he will be permitted to continue as a student, eligible for financial aid.

This decision comes after Mixon, who was the school's top recruit, pleaded not guilty on Monday to a misdemeanor charge of assault.He is accused of knocking a woman unconscious with a punch and breaking several bones in her face. Mixon has not participated in team activities since the July 25 incident at a local restaurant.As a senior at Freedom High School in Oakley, California, he scored 30 touchdowns from scrimmage. Mixon will return to court on Sept. 23 - he is currently enrolled in classes at the university in Norman. His attorney, Kevin Finaly, declined to comment to the media following the arraignment.
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