MLB Attendance Drops, Again!

Major League Baseball began its three rounds of post season playoffs on Wednesday, October 6th.

It begins with four, best-of-five Division Series. It then goes to two best-of-seven American and National League Championship series beginning October 14 & 15 respectively.{} Then we get to the World Series that opens in the home of the National League Champion (this year's All-Star game winner) for game one of the best-of-seven on October 27th.{}

Should the World Series go all seven games the "National Pastime -- the Games of Summer" would extend until Thursday, November 4th!

Meanwhile baseball has a problem. For the third consecutive year the average attendance has dropped.{} The 30 teams combined to draw 73.06 million fans for the 2010 regular season. That's an average of 30,141.

Last year, with the national and global economy taking a hit, the teams drew 73.42 million or an average of 30,350.{}

This season's attendance was down about a half percent but in 2009 the drop was 6.7% from 2008 and well off the Major League season attendance marks set back in 2007 when the sport averaged 32,875 per game.

For years baseball has been warned to find ways to speed up the game. Young people want a faster pace.{} Maybe they could start by making the 162-game season shorter. Start and end the season earlier.

Baseball in November? That's not the answer.




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