Mobile Home Park Catches Fire in Eufaula

Photo courtesy Brandon Mcgee

Multiple vacant mobile homes in a Eufaula RV park caught fire near 7 p.m. this evening.

According to the McIntosh County Sheriff's Office, 12 to 30 trailer homes were on fire at the Twin Rivers Estate park. The sheriff's office believe it was some sort of propane explosion that started the fire.

12 homes were reportedly completely destroyed and approximately 10 suffered damage.

Sheriff's office dispatchers stated that six fire department units were park fire. One firefighter was mildly injured, but was treated at the scene, according to the McIntosh County Sheriff's Office. No one else injured.

Andrew Brown, who lives in the area of the explosion, said he went to the park after hearing the explosions.

"My friends and I went to try and help evacuate the trailer park, but when the fire started to spread to more trailers it began to blow up multiple propane tanks we had to get out because there was nothing we could do," Brown wrote in an email to KTUL.

Eufaula resident Brandon McGee took several photos of the fire, but said he had to leave because the smoke was getting to him. McGee, who lives a half-mile from the mobile home park, said the explosions shook his house.

Multiple boats were also reportedly damaged.