Mobile Vendors Work Towards Food Courts in Tulsa

It's the newest hot spot in T-town, Guthrie Green, and Sunday the hot spot had hot food.

"It's a new culture to Tulsa," said Josh Lynch of the Dog House, and organizer of Eat Street, a collaboration of food vendors.

"This is the first year that we've had this many trucks out on a regular basis," he said.

With the popularity of on the spot dining growing, vendors will soon be meeting with the Tulsa city council to possibly try and designate various mobile food court locations.

"Hey there's an eat street pop up today at Guthrie Greens, or in the blue dome district, or on riverside or something like that," he said.

The initiative could help ease the occasional run-ins vendors face, such as Perry Stafford's current battle with St. John's to sell hot dogs near the hospital.

"And then I'm approached that I'm on St. John property and they don't allow vendors.

Perry has since started a petition to try and sway St. John's. Mobile food vendors, on the move towards progress.

"Let's get something figured out where every party involved is happy so that way we can move forward," he said.