Moms Try Pain-free Childbirth Technique

Green Country moms now have a new option when it comes to childbirth. Hypnobabies is a form of self-induced hypnosis that teaches pregnant women techniques for a reduced-pain childbirth without medication. Channel 8's Kristin Dickerson sat down with the only certified Hypnobabies teacher in Oklahoma to learn the unique way to take away the pain.Forget The Birthing StereotypesThe stress and intensity of labor is often stereotyped on the big screen with screaming and the occasional choice curse words. But does labor have to hurt so bad?We asked new mother Chelice Fleishacker that very question. Fleishacker's daughter, Evelyn, turned seven-weeks-old the day of our interview. Fleishacker said it's absolutely possible to have a pain-free delivery without drugs. She said she labored for 22-hours using Hypnobabies."And that really helped me to get through it. I never felt like i was in tremendous amounts of pain at all," said Fleishacker.Fleishacker's midwife, Linda Roberts, has helped deliver more than 1,000 babies. When asked if she believes Hypnobabies works, Roberts responded, "Yes, I absolutely do."The Hypnobabies program teaches mothers to hypnotize themselves so they don't feel pain. Ashley Grace is the only certified Hypnobabies instructor in Oklahoma. She just moved to Tulsa from Colorado. "We definitely see a huge decrease in pain. Statistically all the scientific research on hypnosis shows labors are shorter, they're easier, fewer complications, less blood loss because the mind is controlling the body," said Grace.How It Works (Extremely Simplified)The program uses several techniques to train the mind. Mothers will learn and practice a cue for instant self-hypnosis called the "Finger-drop Technique". The "Finger-drop Technique" is important since it will be the way that you enter hypnosis when you have a contraction during your labor.There's also visualization of a mental light switch and a bubble of peace, both with specific meanings and usage.Fleishacker also learned how to create a safe place to mentally go to during contractions. "I would imagine the beach," Fleishacker said. "And just relaxing with the waves coming up and that kind of thing." Her sister, who first told her about Hypnobabies, used scuba diving. Fleishacker added "She'd imagine herself descending down into the water, and that's how she would help herself go deeper and deeper into relaxation."Along with visualization, Hypnobabies has CDs with affirmations to get rid of fear, which can intensify pain. "It was called Positive Pregnancy Affirmations and I would listen to that every single day as well," Fleishacker said. "And it would tell you things such as pregnancy is natural, normal, healthy and safe."Recordings also talk you through each contraction in a soothing voice, at one point stating "And the stronger your birthing sensations become now the more relaxed you become." There are scripts of dialogue for you and your birthing partner to help train your mind to enter hypnosis on cue. It Takes PracticeThe more you do these, the deeper into hypnosis you'll get, and the less pain you'll feel. So it takes work. You have to practice. Fleishacker agreed, saying "It was an everyday thing that I had to do. I started it ten weeks before I was due. I would practice relaxing, meditating everyday."So try to forget the traumatic births you've seen on the big screen.There could be a more peaceful way. "It's a very natural experience to give birth," Fleishacker said. "And so if our bodies are made to do it, then of course we can find a way to do it in the most peaceful and calm way as possible."Hypnobabies can be used in home births or at the hospital. Questions? For more information check out the Hypnobabies website at You can also contact Hypnobabies instructor, Ashley Grace at or check out her website at