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      Money Saving Websites

      You don't have to look far to find help stretching your dollar.{} There are websites that will lower your insurance rates, get service providers to compete for your business, and find free stuff for you. Here are a few of them:

      • At MiNeeds.com, you can post your need, whether it be for a contractor, house cleaner or photographer, and get bids back, along with credentials, ratings and reviews.{} We first mentioned this web site at the beginning of the year when MiNeeds was still relatively new.{} Since then, there have been more businesses around Tulsa that have signed up and are now participating.{} So it might be worth checking out.
      • InsuranceRates.com lets you shop for auto insurance rates without divulging too much personal information.
      • And there's nothing cheaper than free.{} MrFreeStuff.com is just like it says, showing the latest free offers.{} For example, places that reward your child's good grades.{} Bring in your most recent report card at any Chuck E. Cheese and you'll receive up to 15 free tokens per child, as long as you buy some food. {}

      Good deals and free stuff.{} We can all use a little help to save money, especially this time of year.