Monthly Forums Held to Bring Community Change

A monthly forum in north Tulsa is bringing residents together to discuss concerns and progress within the community.

For many living on the city's north side, change is needed in their area. "This is our opportunity to come here to the town square, inform individuals, inform committees, and come up with innovative strategies to deal with the problems we have." For Rep. Kevin Matthews of District 73, these monthly meetings at the Tulsa City-County Library are meant to put the 'wheels of change' in motion, with topics on the agenda, including the economy, healthcare, literacy, and much more.

"North Tulsa tends to lack visibility sometimes and so it's important for us, as leaders, to recognize who's doing what and how we can lend support," said Katherine Mitchell, who hosts the forums. She says, she sees members from across the community showing up and coming together.

According to Rep. Matthews, people living in areas of highly-concentrated poverty live an average of 14 years less than residents in other parts of the city. It is exactly the kind of thing that many here, want to see change.

"We want the same things everyone else wants and it seems to be that north Tulsa is often not at the top of the list," Mitchell said.

"Get involved and make a difference. We're the solutions to our own problems. We just have to work together," Rep. Matthews said.

The forum is held on the third Saturday of every month at the Rudisill Regional Library on Hartford Avenue.