No Cause of Death for Moody's Jewelry CEO

Ernest Moody (courtesy of Tulsa People/Michelle Pollard)

The president and CEO of Moody's Jewelry died Sunday night.

Ernest Moody, III, was reportedly in good health and his sudden death was a shock to the Tulsa-based company, said Craig Ehrman, marketing director of Moody's Jewelry. A cause of death was not available Monday morning.

"The whole company is mourning right now," Ehrman said. "We were blessed that Mr. Moody prepared this company for anything. No matter what happened he had this company ready to respond to any situation. He built a real strong company.

Moody's is a family owned business, operating seven location in the Tulsa Area. Ernest Moody, III, took over for his father several years ago, Ehrman said.

"We're asking everyone to give us a day or so to process what's been going on and make funeral plans," Ehrman said. "The company will move forward we are strong and we're going to keep going."