Moore Church A Witness To Compassion

A year ago, Southgate Baptist Church became a one-stop sanctuary for those seeking food, medicine, or whatever it was they needed.

"We're grateful that we were able to serve as an address for people that had needs," said the very humble pastor, Doug Brewer, who normally preaches about how to care for one another, but last summer all he did was witness it.

There was the time they ran out of laundry detergent, just as woman was calling to ask for some.

And about that time I picked up the phone a two wheel dolly came to the back of the truck with four crates of liquid soap," he said.

Then there was the time a company showed up with portable bunk bed trailers just as the Pastor was asking FEMA for some.

"It's unbelievable. It happened within about 30 seconds of saying that to FEMA. The FEMA reps looked at each other and looked at the rest of us as though we had them set up for it. I started crying," he said.

Then there was the big burly volunteer who was unable to find a woman some underwear in her size, when at that moment someone donated a box of just the right fit."He said, 'I never thought I'd be excited about seeing a woman find a pair of panties,' and then he reached up and slapped me on the chest and said, 'Then I'd never thought I'd be crying telling another man about it,'" he laughed.

And finally there was the young couple from Texas, barely getting by by themselves, but bothering to bring ham and cheese sandwiches for everyone, and when they left

"They said, 'Oh yeah,' they handed me $20 dollars and said, 'Can you put this over there?' They couldn't afford that. They couldn't afford that, but they did it. And we watched that all summer.

The next time you're in Moore, ask someone for directions to where hope and kindness live. Where love and compassion get their mail. Where faith in your fellow man is residing alive and well.

"We're quick to say it wasn't us, it was just an address," he said.