Moore Elementary School Destroyed

She was moving as fast as she could with flip flops and a toddler in her arms.

"All the phones are down," said Jacqueline Russell, trying not to panic as she approached what was left of the elementary school that her two young children attend.

In the parking lot, shell shocked kids being carried by teachers, holding t-shirts on head wounds, and being treated right on the spot.

"These kids want their mothers and fathers and I can't console them enough," said one teacher.

The sights surrounding them didn't offer any comfort. The only thing to indicate that this was once a school, the battered playground equipment. That this was in fact their hometown, the water tower in the distance.

"I heard it there standing over here," said an emergency worker listening for sounds from the remains of a home.

Across the street, neighbors digging through the rubble of what was the house of Paula and Jerry Mars. Was there a chance they might not have been home?

"That's their blue car right there, it's the only one they have, and I, this is his wallet, so he's here," said niece Brandy.

As the search for the Mars continued...


Jacqueline found one of her children, her daughter Reminiscence.

"She was right under me the whole time, she just did really good," said a teacher.

"Mommy!" cried Remy, as she burst into tears.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the school.

"I'm looking for my little niece. How old is she? She's 9," said Martha, searching for Carina, and overcome with a silent awe at the magnitude of the devastation.

The area she was looking at is where rescue workers would be focusing for the next several hours, eventually roping the location off around twisted beams and splintered trees.

Fortunately for Jacqueline, her nightmare would end with the discover of her son relatively unharmed.

"They told me to put my hands on my head, and then the storm came and it tumbled on me, but I didn't get hurt that much," said 9 year-old Kai.

A momentary sigh of relief, in a landscape of oblivion.

"I'm just worried about the kids that are still in there," said Jacqueline.