More Adopt A Spots Added In City

The West Highlands neighborhood is one of the Adopt a Spot locations that's relatively new and, it's already growing.

It just seemed like the next step for the neighborhood located between 61st and 67th and Union. the West Highland Neighborhood Association formed in 2010 to become monitor development, crime and beautify neighborhood.

"We were picking up the trash anyway so we decided to go ahead and do this and that's what we do keep the area policed and picked up and looking neat and try to mow a little bit," Rich Perkins, President of the West Highlands Neighborhood Association.

Another group has adopted this area around Memorial high school. This sign recently went up the celebrates the new program.

"Whether you live an an apartment or you live in an area that has 3 neighbors, get to know our neighbors. Let's beautify our city. Make it America's most beautiful city again," says District 2 City Councilor Jeannie Cue.