More Airlines Fees Predicted For 2011

The cost of flying keeps going up... and the experts say that includes the fees tacked onto the price of a ticket. Everything from having a carry-on bag to that soft drink could cost you more.{} And we could expect even more in 2011.

Airline analyst Rick Seaney, founder of,{} told ABC News to brace for these new fees in the coming year:

  • No more free flights for infants.
  • No more free drinks, even Diet Cokes or orange juice.
  • And no more heavy carry-on bags.{} If it's over 25 pounds, pull out your wallet.

Last summer alone, airlines made more than half their revenue... $2.1 billion out of $3.8 billion... just on airfare fees.{} That number doesn't include charging us for meals, headphones and blankets.Some predict it's also only a matter of time before speaking to a human being at the airport will cost money.{} "They are trying to minimize the number of humans between you and taking your flight," according to Seaney. {}So where's the line?{} Seaney says the one thing they won't charge for is using the bathroom, as at least one carrier in Europe does.{}{}{}{}