More Lawsuits Brought Against Dr. Scott Harrington

Two new lawsuits have been filed in June against Tulsa oral surgeon Dr. Scott Harrington. He is accused of exposing thousands of patients to HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

"He donated in May of 2012. His blood donation was fine," said attorney Mark Lyons of his client. He said his client is a longtime blood donor.

Court documents cite the client gave blood with the American Red Cross in May of 2012. Lyons said his client had a tooth extraction and implant at Dr. Harrington's practice in July of the same year. Court documents said the client gave blood again in August and, "tested positive for Hepatitis C and presumptively positive for HIV."

"Since he had never had that kind of problem before, then that's how we're able to trace it back to Dr. Harrington and the treatment that he received there," Lyons said.

Another lawsuit filed in June alleges issues with anesthesia at Harrington's practice. A patient allegedly walked into the parking lot without a wheelchair or physical assistance. She fell and hit her face against the vehicle. The lawsuit cites her injuries required a fusion surgery on her spine.

That brings the number of lawsuits filed against Dr. Harrington to at least six in Tulsa County. Paul Boudreaux, an attorney representing other former patients against the oral surgeon, said he expects there will be more cases filed.

Lyons said it is not certain when his client's case will go to court. It could possibly be six months to a year.

The Health Department reported the Oklahoma State Department of Health's Public Health Laboratory has completed testing for 4,033 persons as of 5:00 p.m. Wednesday. There are currently 73 positive results for Hepatitis C, five for Hepatitis B, and three for HIV. Free testing concludes for Harrington's patients on June 28th.

Harrington's lawyer did not respond to Channel 8 for a comment as of 5 p.m. Wednesday.