More Pre-K Classes Could Improve Reading Scores

With all the talk about kids failing their 3rd grade reading tests.Parents should be concerned.But there are things you can do, to make a difference early on.One key, is to get as many kids as possible into pre-kindergarten classes.The union school district currently has 755 little ones in their pre-k program.At Moore Elementary we saw 22 of them take part in their school day.They the all seemed to be clearly engaged in the process.Their teachers says, if the kids get a good start, they can really take off. Roseanne Ravong says she has kids who read up to the 1st grad level, and being in a pre-k class will pay off for years to come.She says the kids get comfortable with the school environment and it puts them in a place to learn more easily.Union Curriculum Specialist Becky Freeman, is a former kindergarten and 1st grade teacher.She says kids who've been through a pre-k program have a clear advantage in their later years in school.She says one key is that they arrive in kindergarten with more confidence.Freeman believes it's a good use of time for any parent to enroll their child early.The kids get a good start in reading because it's done as a form of productive play.When they've been exposed to words and language for an extra year, reading just comes more easily.Many districts are already enrolling for next fall's pre-k classes.Including Tulsa, Union and Jenks.