Group Rallies for "Day of Resistance" to Support Second Amendment

More than 100 people gathered at LaFortune Park Saturday to defend Americans' Constitutional right to bear arms. This was part of the nationwide "Day of Resistance".

"There's always going to be violence in this world," said co-organizer James Miller. "Whether you label it with a gun or a knife or a fist or whatever kind of violence you want to call it, it's just violence in general. Outlawing a weapon won't change it."

Signs, music, flags, a petition, and even a few guns were present at the event.

Several speakers, including a spokesperson for Rep. Jim Bridenstine and candidate for mayor Bill Christiansen, voiced support for Second Amendment rights.

One attendee held a sign saying "Saving the USA for our Grandchildren."

"Many children are brought up around guns. Our forefathers' children were brought up around guns," said the attendee, Sandy Martin.

One family citing peace advocacy stood just outside the rally. They told Channel 8 they support reexamining certain gun laws, including elements that involve mental illness.

Miller told Channel 8 there will be other events similar to this one in the future to continue to stand up for the Constitution.