Mortgage Assistance Program Ready For Troubled Homeowners

If you are afraid of losing your home, there are several programs to help save it. One federal assistance program just started this week.

Oklahoma did not receive mortgage assistance during the crisis, but several states that had delayed reactions are getting help now.

Newschannel 8's Kim Jackson says Oklahoma now has 15-million dollars that could help more than 500 families.

You never know which families are having trouble paying their mortgage. Many families are making less money now than they were in 2009. But now, all they need to do is fill out an application and help could be on the way.

Deidre Alvarez is a housing counselor at the Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League.

"We see homeowners coming in and they are behind on their mortgage. Their emotions are all over the place," she said.{} "They can't find answers and can't get help from any of the mortgage companies."

We had trouble finding a bank that knew of special assistance programs. But they are here.

One, just announced this week is called the Emergency Home Loan Program. It's for unemployed or under-employed homeowners, or those with serious medical problems.

You could receive up to 50-thousand dollars in aid.

"Whatever the past due amount, that goes to that 50-thousand dollars and the homeowner is required to pay 31-percent of their income. And the government will pay the rest," Alvarez explained.

For two years, you would pay as much as you could--with the government supplementing. After five years, you'd be cleared of the loan assistance.

Another program could assist others. The HAMP, The home affordable modification program.

"Basically what it does is,{} it will extend the term of mortgage or reduce your interest rate in order to get payment to a little bit more affordable place," she said.

So you have the HAMP and the EHLP programs just to name two ways to possibly save your house. But the EHLP loan--is for a limited time only.

The money is available, but only to a certain number of families, so make sure you turn your application in by July 22nd.