Mother Allegedly Gives Birth to Third Son with Drugs in System

Monique Holland

A 39-year-old north Tulsa woman was taken into custody last week on child neglect charges after her son was reportedly born with drugs in his system.

State of Oklahoma attorneys charged Monique Holland with one count of child neglect on March 10. She was due to appear in a Tulsa courtroom Monday after investigators claim this is her third child born with drugs in its system.

According to court documents, a detective with the Child Crisis Unit had been investigating Holland's case and found that her son "tested positive for PCP at birth." Holland and the child were admitted to a Tulsa area hospital.

Just after his birth, a social worker made a referral to the Department of Human Services about the positive drug test. The social worker also spoke to Holland who stated that she "eats cigarette ashes" and that the ashes had been laced with PCP.

Holland initial told the DHS investigator the same explanation until she admitted that she had smoked PCP approximately three weeks prior to delivery, according to court documents. The child was placed in protective custody shortly after.

Documents obtained by showed that Holland had two previous children that tested positive for drugs in their system at birth. One child was born in 2007 and the other in 2005.

Back in 2007, Holland gave birth to a girl who tested positive for cocaine. Holland told investigators that she "eats cigarette ashes" and that they must have been laced with cocaine, according to an interview with a DHS employee.

And when Holland gave birth to the child in 2005, it was determined that they both tested positive for cocaine. During her conversation with the DHS employee she stated that she had been around people smoking crack cocaine she that's why they both tested positive for the drug.

DHS offered Holland multiple services including drug counseling and parenting classes, which she failed to complete. Her rights were terminated on all of her children.

Holland's is now being held on $25,000 bond for the child neglect charge.