Mother Alleges Attack By Home Day Care Provider

A DHS home day care provider is under fire tonight. She's accused of spanking kids in her care and assaulting a parent. It's happening in Broken Arrow at the Kidz Korner Childcare where DHS has asked the owner to cease operating immediately.

Julia Lane says she was dropping her son off on Friday. She told me she noticed another child being spanked and reported it to that child's mother. Lane says when she returned to pick up her son, she was assaulted.

For the Broken Arrow Police Department this is case number -01-12-008040. But for Julia Lane it's personal.

"Just lost complete control," says Lane.

We went to the home where she said she witnessed two children being spanked at a home day care run by Patsy Carroll. Lane says and later notified one of the parents and Carroll became upset.

"She was just irate about it and charged me, and pushed me against the door very hard trying to fight me hit me and all I could do was push her back while holding my son," says Lane.

Carroll declined to sit down for an interview but says she had given Lane notice not to bring her son back, the day before the alleged attacked occurred.

Julia Lane and Patsy Carroll will face each other again. It will be on January 8th when this case goes to court. Carroll is cited with assault and battery a misdemeanor.

DHS tells us this is a licensed facility. If a parent witnesses someone striking a child they can contact OKDHS Daycare Licensing to make a complaint, or phone the OKDHS Child Abuse hotline at 1-800-522-3511.