Mother Taken into Custody After Kids Found with Fractured Skulls

Clorinda Archuleta

A Tulsa mother was taken into custody Friday morning after her children were reportedly found with fractures to their skulls.

Booking information stated that Clorinda Archuleta was arrested just after midnight and booked on two complaints of child neglect. She was placed under arrest at the St. Francis Children's Hospital.

Officers describe that Archuleta brought her one-month-old infant to the hospital after noticing swelling on one of its legs. After further medical testing, doctors discovered that the infant had a fractured arm, two broken legs and a skull fracture with brain bleeding.

Archuleta reportedly told officers that she was made aware of the injury on Jan. 13 but did not seek medical attention until three days later.

Officers went to Archuleta's residence and removed her second child from the home. A CT scan later revealed the infant had skull fractures as well.

Booking information described that when officers questioned Archuleta she had "no idea" how the infants had been injured. But that her boyfriend, Joshua Wray, would grab one of the infants by the leg and "hold him in the air."

Archuleta told officers that she continued to allow Wray to watch over the children ever after witnessing the abuse.

Archuleta and Wray are facing child abuse charges this afternoon.