Mother Fights For Medication For Her Son

A Tulsa mother is starting a campaign, to allow the use of a medicine that's made from marijuana.she says her young son, desperately needs that may be the only answer, to a condition that causes him to have constant seizures.Her 3-year old Jason suffers from Angelman Syndrome, which is a genetic problem that prevents him from walking and talking.Since Jason suffers constant seizures, she must be with him at all times in case a big one hits.Sonja Steinmetz says it's frustrating because his current medications aren't very affective, and she thinks they're causing him to regress. She wants to give him a medication called Cannabidiol."It's an oil form you put a drop on their tongue and they go seizure free.There an 85% success rate with this strain, while current medications are about 40."The medicine is also called CBD and it has no street value as a recreational drug.That's because it's grown from a strain of marijuana, that has been specially bred to have very little THC.That's the chemical that makes pot intoxicating.She's started an on-line petition, in hopes of getting the Oklahoma Legislature to take action on the matter.