Mother of Murdered Fairmont Terrace Twins Relieved By Arrests

Charon Powell

The manpower was evident from the initial scene of the crime, a swarm of officers and detectives in immediate pursuit of information to find out who killed four women. Four weeks later, their efforts paid off.

"They have arrested two people and charged them both with counts of first degree murder," said Tulsa police chief Chuck Jordan.

The suspects, James and Cedric Poore, are brothers.

"I sure am glad that the got them," said Charon Powell. She lost her twin daughters to the violence. Do the alleged killers look familiar to her?

"Never heard their names, never seen their faces before, ever," she said.

Authorities says the homicides were not gang related. As to other motives?

"I can not discuss the motive, I apologize," said Chief Jordan.

"Well you tell me what could a motive be to kill four women and do it the way they did it, I mean what motive would you have, there is no motive, you have no reason to do that," said Powell.

The sole survivor in the apartment was Charon's three year-old grandson, found unharmed amidst the horror. This afternoon...

"He just started singing happy birthday to mommy, I love my mommy, you know, and he misses his mom," she said.

A delicate innocence dealing with loss as two men are charged with a putrid brutality, with a grandmother pondering the punishment she wants if they're convicted.

"I want the death penalty, I want the death penalty," she said.