Mother of Slain Women Hopes Someone Comes Forward

Charon Powell is looking for someone to come forward in connection with the murder of her twin daughters.

When she got the call that something horrible had happened to Kayetie and Rebeika, she couldn't quite process what she was actually being told.

"The furthest thing from my mind was death, I mean not both of my girls? Not both of them," said Charon Powell.

That moment is now frozen in time, as are the memories of the last time she heard from each daughter.

"I talked to them Saturday night, and my other daughter text me at 11:49 at night, and told me that she loved me," she said.

After their murders, she was faced with a staggering choice at the coroners office.

"I had to make a decision whether I wanted to see them or not and they were gracious enough to cover up certain damages on them and I got to hold them and kiss them and love them and tell them goodbye," she said.

As for who killed them, she thinks her daughters knew the perpetrator, and she's certain someone in the complex has information.

"There's somebody in Fairmont that knows what happened," she said.

And as for the fear that could keep people quiet, she reminds that if nothing else, to think of their own safety.

"If they will do it to 4 women, then you think they won't do it to you? And the only way to clean it up is to come forth and clean up your neighborhood and that's the only way you're going to clean it up," she said.