Mother Released After 20 years of Prison in Son's Death

After nearly 20 years behind bars, Michelle Dawn Murphy was released from prison. She was convicted of killing her 3-month old son, Travis Wood, in 1995.

Today, a Tulsa county judge ordered the judgment and sentence vacated.

"I am just thankful for my attorneys and the team. I am grateful for the Innocence Project. I'm so thankful for mom, standing by me all this time and just being there the whole time," said Murphy, just minutes after her release.

Murphy took a long walk into the arms of people who believe she is innocent in the death of her infant son.

"I want to finally bring this to an end. And I want to find out who really did do this, cause i know I didn't do it," Murphy said.

"It's been four years trying to get Michelle out and everyday we would find something new that proved her innocence," said attorney Sharisse O'Carroll.

The District Attorney, Tim Harris, agreed to vacate her judgement and sentence because he admitted he made a mistake identifying the blood on the scene, saying it was not the victim's blood, when in fact, it was.

"As an officer of the court and minister of justice, I felt that was enough of a reason to vacate this judgement and go back to square one," said Harris.

For now, Murphy is free on bond, while all of the blood and evidence is DNA tested.

"I want to learn to have a life that I've been denied for 20 years," said Murphy.

Murphy will wear a GPS monitor and she will report back to court June 24th.