Mother's Home Destroyed in Tornado, Rescues Most Prized Possessions

A Moore woman's home was destroyed in this week's devastating tornado.

Inside the house were the last photos of her two young children who died about five years ago.

Channel 8 met her while she and her husband swept debris from their property Wednesday.

"We lost two kids. I lost a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old about five years ago," said Josie Ramirez. "I mean this is kind of like nothing compared to that."

Both of Ramirez' children became ill around the same time with problems like pneumonia and bronchitis. The photos inside her home were the last images she had of them.

"We just came, really, to save the pictures," Ramirez said.

The couple works for the postal service. They were away on business when the tornado struck. They had been renting their home and are now struggling to hear back from bombarded insurance agents.

Thankfully, Ramirez was able to salvage a few photos from the rubble.

She said she hopes anyone that finds photographs in the damage posts them to Facebook to help reunite them with their owners.