Motorcycle Event To Boost Local Economy

Bikers from across the country are making their way into Tulsa for the 37th National Bikers Roundup. This is the first time the event has come to Green Country and it's being held at the Osage Tulsa Raceway Park. Organizers predict the event could generate up to $5 million for our economy.

Biker Larry Harris, also known as Wolf Man, is part of the zodiac motorcycle club in Kansas City, Missouri. He said the National Bikers Roundup is an event he refuses to miss.

"This event means we get a chance to see guys we haven't seen in over a year. We get to have our camaraderie with them. It's almost like on big family reunion and we look forward to it every year," Harris said.

More than 1,000 motorcycle clubs from around the country are pouring into Tulsa for the event. And that means big bucks for Tulsa businesses.

"This is a pilgrimage vacation for a lot of people so they save money to come to this event," said Heath Aucoin, Director of Operations with the Tulsa Sports Commission.

The Bikers Roundup is expected to bring in about $3 to $5 million into our local economy.

"With out a doubt these people have to come in and have a place to eat, they have to buy fuel, they are going to have to buy groceries. They are going to have to so many things because they are going to stay here for the next four days," said Todd Martin, Owner of the Tulsa Raceway Park.

On top of boosting the Tulsa economy, the bikers are also supporting our food pantry.

"We are going to make a donation to your local food pantry here in Tulsa. We are not going to take that money out of here. We are going to leave it right here and hopefully everyone will be glad to see us here and hate it when we go," Harris said.

For the next four days there will be several activities going on here at the raceway. There will be live entertainment, bike shows, a poker run and some drag racing. The event is open 24-7 for the next four days. There is a $30 charge, but it gives you access into the raceway from Thursday to Sunday.