6 Harleys Stolen, Man Arrested with 2 Bikes Recovered

A man has been arrested in connection with 6 stolen Harley Davidson motorcycles earlier this week.

Ronnie Clabough was taken into custody after police tracked one of the stolen bikes back to him. has learned that six motorcycles were stolen from the Harley-Davidson store in Brookside near 49th and Peoria.

The six motorcycles were stolen from inside crates sitting outside of the dealership. At least two of the motorcycles have since been recovered.

"That's really what led us to this guy, there was someone who said, this doesn't look right, that's a real nice expensive looking bike, I don't think that bike belongs here in this location and they gave us a call," says Officer Leland Ashley with the Tulsa Police Department.Ronnie Clabough was arrested{} Wednesday morning. Police found one of the stolen motorcycles with him and after interviewing Clabough, hey found another stolen motorcycles at a different location. In total 6 vehicles were stolen and at roughly $15,000 a piece, that's nearly $100,000 of stolen property.'We found one of our mobile minis that was open, and there's two bikes outside, and the doors were open and there was two bikes inside," says service manager for Myers-Duren Harley Davidson, Victor McAnally.He says the bikes were being stored while they remodel inside the building. He watched the surveillance video and says this was not a job that was done in 60 seconds. "Somebody brought two people here, they walked up got on two bikes, rode off and then came back," says McAnally.Just enough trips to get away with 6 pre-owned Harleys. McAnally says the crime took place late Sunday night or early Monday morning.Now he says the company is covering all bases."This is kind of locked down like Fort Knox now," says McAnally.Tulsa Police say be on the lookout and if you see anything suspicious, call it in. After all an alert neighbor is what led them to the first arrest.Police did talk to a couple of persons of interest earlier today, but if you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.