Drug Thieves Hit Multiple Pharmacies Across Area

His name is still a mystery, but his number could be 7. That's how many pharmacies have been hit by thieves so far this year.

"Pain medication is what they're after," said TPD Officer Leland Ashley.

So much so, they don't even both with the cash in the register.

"They're not even asking for money, and that's the funny thing about it, these guys are just wanting prescription pain medication," said Ashley.

And while the frequency of the robberies has become almost normal, the thought of it happening is anything but.

"It's pretty frightening, yeah, it's always at the back of my mind I guess," said pharmacist Mary Cagle. She works at a Reasor's, which has round the clock security, but years ago...

"I've worked a night shift at another store, another chain, a long time ago, and I wouldn't do it again. I wouldn't do it again," she said.

As for motive? When cops recently caught some other pharmacy thieves, they asked them if the drugs were for themselves or to sell. The answer?

"It kind of was a combination of both. Individuals were using some of the prescription medication, but in the back end, I think these individuals were also selling," he said.

As for deterrence? Pharmacists try to keep a look out for suspicious activity, and block any nefarious intelligence gathering attempts.

"If people call on the phone and ask for a certain medication, we're definitely not going to tell them," said Cagle.

And apparently no one's also told them that in this day and age, everyone is being recorded.

"You are on camera and eventually you will be caught," said Ashley.