Mural Ads More Color To The Pearl District

The people of Tulsa's Pearl District, are making real progress.They're bringing new life, to an old neighborhood.The area that's just east of downtown, is clearly changing.The latest step is a giant mural, that's brightening-up a stretch of 6th Street, just west of Utica.Artist Josh Butts is turning a beat-up wall into a landmark.The designed is intended to represent what the Pearl District is all about.Those involved, say they want to reinvent the art of city living in the heart of Tulsa.Butts says the design was a collaborative effort with the Peal District Board of Directors.He says it shows an area, that's being revitalized to become a safe and welcoming neighborhood for everyone.Butts says it's a big project but there are some shortcuts."The great master would be ashamed to know that I shoot it up with a projector, at night and sketch it out.Then its all painting its just being up there on the scaffolding and getting it done."Board member Lorenda Stetler says this is one more step towards the future."The view down 6th Street a night is just incredible. This is such a lovely area that can be so much more."She says new businesses and families are changing the area.They have a vision of new apartments and mixed use areas, where families could stroll or stop at a cafe for a cup of coffee.There's even talk of a canal running down 6th Street, that would make the area feel like Amsterdam.While one mural doesn't change a neighborhood, a lot of people are putting a lot of hear in the process.Butts says he's proud to contribute a work that says the Pearl District is open for business.The project was made possible, by a grant from the George Kaiser Family Foundation.