Defendant Pleads Not Guilty to Cold Case

Dayna Miller pleaded not guilty on Monday to an eight-year-old murder.

Miller is charged with murder, conspiracy to commit first degree murder, accessory after the fact and a related charge. The arrest affidavit, says miller told an eyewitness, "as long as they don't find a body we are okay." in reference to Jarret Clark's disappearance at Fort Gibson Lake after a graduation celebration.

It goes on to say Miller continued the conspiracy after the fact by attempting to convince witnesses to stay quiet, change, alter or lie to authorities.

With MIller's arrest and arraignment, the investigation is still ongoing.

"Oh I'm very positive there will be other arrests, that's plural that's more than one. I'll say at least one," says Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert

In February Courtney Manzer was arrested in the death of Jarret Clark. Now she's joined by Miller.

"They'll never be housed together even if we have to move one of them to another facility. We'll' move them," adds Colbert