Murder Plot Mastermind Sentenced To Prison

A man convicted of hiring a hit man to kill a Tulsa businessman has been sentenced to prison.

Mohammad Aziz was in court Tuesday to hear the sentence. A judge ordered him to spend 32 years and 6 months behind bars.

Should he outlive his sentence, Aziz will walk free at age of 91 to serve 2 years of probation.

Aziz was found guilty in the 2008 plot to kill Neal Sweeny. The two had a disagreement over a business transaction.

Aziz admitted in open court that he got angry with Sweeny, when Sweeny cut off the delivery of fuel to his gas station. Aziz had fallen behind on payments.

Alonzo Johnson, the alleged driver and money man in the plot, was sentenced to two life terms in January.

The accused gunman, Terrico Bethel, was also sentenced to life.