Heller Park Murder Suspect Receives Life Sentence

A man will spend the rest of his life behind bars in connection with a 2011 murder.

James E. Darton was found guilty on counts that include murder, assault and battery and possession of a firearm.

Darton was the suspect in the murder of Kimberly Ragland in summer 2011. Ragland was found dead in a car at Heller Park in south Tulsa. Officers said the car was running and her body was slumped over in the front seat.

Darton was quickly named as a suspect and arrested shortly after.

A Tulsa county judge sentenced Darton to life in prison on the murder charge without a chance for parole. Despite the life sentence, the judge added an additional 20 years of jail time to follow it for the other two charges.

Police said Darton and Ragland were dating at the time of her death. The couple got into an argument and ended up at Heller Park, where the crime allegedly took place.