Murder Victim's Family Moves Belongings From Apartment

The families of four women killed in Tulsa Monday are still searching for answers.

No arrests have been made.

Tulsa's Police Chief Chuck Jordan tells us he's not going to do anything to compromise the investigation as more lives could be in jeopardy.

Meanwhile the family of one of the victim's of the Fairmont Terrace murders is calling for more citizen involvement.As one family packs up the belongings of their loved ones they hope that someone saw something and will come forward to police.

In the days leading up to her murder, Julie Jackson's brothers say she had a bad feeling.

"She was down in Okmulgee visiting and she was having dreams, something was gonna happen, she was supposed to stay at my house that night," says brother Randy West.

Not long ago her other apartment burned, and she was determined to go home.

"I guess some of the girls got robbed up here before and she was worried about her house, cause she lost everything in that fire and she was always in a panic about her house, but something pulled her back," says brother Clifford West who was also helping move his sister's belongings.

Julie Jackson would be among the four women killed Monday.

"I know a lot of people are scared and don't want to say nothing but it could have been them, that's what everybody gotta think," says West.

He says people need to get involved.

"These people that live out in these places, your neighbors are your eyes too and that's what you got to be more alert for," adds West.

It's what the Crime Prevention Network has been saying all along. Calls have doubled from new Alert Neighbor groups wanting to form.

"Just because it happened in an apartment doesn't mean that's just where all the situations are, I mean it filters out," says Crime Prevention Network Director, Carol Bush.

"There's occasion we hear gunfire," says Dorothy who lives nearby. We're not using her last name for her safety. She's never had a problem until her home was burglarized. Next it happened to a neighbor.

"About a month before mine they broke in the back door in fact it was a whole family and they caught them though," adds Dorothy.

Security continues to be ramped up here at the Fairmont Terrace Apartments. It's something residents hope will remain. Since Monday's murders, there are six neighborhood meetings scheduled with interest in starting "Alert Neighbor" programs.