Groundbreaking For Muscogee Creek Nation Investment

The money is certainly flowing ... to the tune of 335 million dollars.

"The Muscogee Creek Nation made a decision 10 years ago to make a significant investment on Tulsa's Arkansas River."

But water, that's a different story and one that everyone knows needs to change.

"I can assure you that with a 335 million dollar investment that there will be water in the river," says Tulsa's Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

"I would say Mr. Mayor that we bring the sand and the palm trees so we are missing one ingredient and that would be the water," says the developer of the Margaritaville project.

Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith adds, "I absolutely believe this is going to be the trigger that's going to get those low water dams in."

It's clear that the Muscogee Creek Nation has more than done its share of economic investments, adding 800 jobs and a new entertainment destination to the area...still there's just one problem remaining.

"Will we have water in the river? Likely only when we build that south low water dam and can impound water within the river bed to for that river lake if you will," says PMG's Gaylon Pinc, an expert on the Arkansas River.

Tulsa has the plans and the permits for developing or improving 3 dams along the Arkansas from Sand Springs to Jenks.

"All of them are lacking one major ingredient and that's money. so soon as we get the funding to building Zinc or Sand Springs low water dam or the South Tulsa Jenks low water dam we can have water in the river," adds Pinc.