Muskogee Business Man Shoots Unexpected Burglar

A Muskogee business owner takes matters into his own hands when he shoots a person breaking into his store.

It happened early Thursday morning at Fast Wrecker. The burglar didn't expect the owner, Dale Ford, to be staying at the shop.

One of the neighbors heard what happened from her husband.

"Remember when I told you the police were over there at Dale's and I said yeah, he said they were over there because he shot someone. He finally got them," says Carolyn Holt.

Dale Ford says he has been in business since 1986. He said he heard the burglar come into his building through the front door and that's when the rest is just a blur.

From the 9-1-1 call you can hear Dale say, "Did I hit you, he said I hit him in his arm it's just a 22."

Dale says he isn't a gun person and he doesn't remember how many shots he fired but enough is enough and he was protecting what was his.

"I got broke into a week ago and stuff got stolen," you can hear Dale say on the 9-1-1 call. "So I have been sleeping down here, you know, I just thought somebody would come back."

Even the neighbors know this wasn't the first time.

"We have seen or noticed people messing around over there at his place and it was last year they took a briefcase of his titles to his vehicles," Holt said.

Holt said they watch out for each other in this area and that Dale is the type of guy that will help in anyway he can.

"He has helped my family out. We got stranded a few miles out of town and I called him and it was late at night, I called, he said sure and came and got us," says Holt.

Muskogee Police have identified the suspect but have made no arrests since he is still in the hospital. This case is still under investigation to see if charges will be filled.