Muskogee Couple Charged In Prescription Drug Deaths

For 57-year old Johnnie Hinds, the Wagoner County Jail is home at least for now. He was picked up today along with his wife, Nancy. Both are charged with first degree murder in the deaths of Jimmy and Deanna Rozell. In an affidavit it's alleged Jimmy bought 100 milligram morphine capsules for 30 dollars each from the Hinds. "These were normal customers of these suspects and apparently they had switched the type of drugs that they had never taken before and they met their demise, says Sheriff Colbert.The medical examiner's office ruled the Rozell's died of a drug overdose."They delivered the drugs to 'em that took their lives. It would be no different than delivering a bullet to 'em," says Colbert.These cases are rare but you may see more of them. it's a legislative tool to hold people accountable who sell drug and subsequently cause the death of another person. "Whether or not it's prescription or street drugs it's still the unlawful sale and that's why were were able to file charges in this case," says Wagoner Co. District Attorney Brian Kuester.Prescription drug abuse is really pretty common. It's one reason you're seeing more drop off sites for unused medications, including this 24 hour location at the Wagoner Co. Sheriff's office. The consequences of improper prescription drug use, like what's alleged in the Hinds case, can mean an arrest and being charged with murder.