Muskogee Craigslist Sale Ends in Alleged Rape

An attempt to finalize a Craigslist sale of a cell phone led a woman to an abandoned house, where the Muskogee Sheriff's Department said the buyer allegedly raped her.

Investigators said the woman, in her 20s, met a man between ages 18 and 25 at a service station. The man said he wanted to show the phone to his wife and he had left his money at home. The woman followed him to an abandoned house where he allegedly tased and raped her. He took her purse, clothes, and keys, then left her there.

The woman walked to the house next door around 10 p.m.

"She wasn't really distraught. She wasn't crying or anything. She just kept saying 'help me, help me,'" said neighbor Jennifer Russell. She had been in bed. Her husband had been outside around 9:45 p.m. and had not seen any cars at the house.

Russell said the woman was wearing a brown jacket and her underwear. She gave the woman some clothes and her husband called 911.

The Sheriff's Department said the woman was examined and is now at home.

Authorities report this is the fourth incident involving an online transaction in Muskogee in the past few months. That is why it is urging everyone doing so to be very alert.

"Don't follow anybody to somebody else's house," said investigator Coletta Peyton with the Muskogee County Sheriff's Department. "If you're going to do anything on Craigslist, do it in the public where there's lights, cameras, anything."

Peyton also recommends taking note of people's tags and physical identifying descriptors in a transaction.

Authorities are still looking for the suspect. They believe he is driving a four-door black Lexus with Oklahoma tags.